"...For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy..." Rev 19:10



I was diagnosed of diabetes 10 years ago and was asked to be taking Glucophage and Dionil in 2009. By 2015, I started having eye problem and was asked to be using glasses. The problem grew worse that I could not see again. I was referred to National Eye Centre Abuja, where I spent one hundred and thirty thousand naira (130,000.00) on operation. I was also told at the National Hospital that my next operation would cost me eight hundred and fifty thousand naira (850,000.00) before I could see. I could not raise the money, so I returned home. My wife’s younger sister who worships in this church told us to come for prayers. We came during operation 615 evening prayers on 25th May 2018, I was led to Christ, and after being prayed for, I opened my eyes and saw light and everyone in the church. I could not believe it. I cleaned my eyes again because I thought I was dreaming, I knew I came here with the help of my wife. I looked again I saw my wife by my side weeping for joy that my eyes were restored. I came here blind, now I can see. To God alone be all the glory. Mr.  Orlando B.


On Friday, July 6, 2018, the final day of the Spiritual Emphasis week, Bishop David Oyedepo declared; 'You shall receive your miracle job.' I received it with every faith I could muster. Before leaving the house in the morning, while engaging the power of faith that Bishop David Oyedepo described as ‘a territory taking force',  I asked God to give me my own testimony before the sun went down. I got a message from an International Broadcasting Organization that I have been shortlisted after the sixth time of applying for a job in that organization. I applied for a job in that organization since last year (2017). I went for a test and on June 8, 2018, I was rejected. Thereafter, I checked the company's website and there was no opening as all job roles had been filled. Instead of being gloomy, I picked up our gospel tracts and fliers and stepped out to share and invite souls. I got 3 souls that afternoon. Thereafter, on June 15, 2018, I got an email for another opening which is very rare. I was told that my resume fits the profile and I applied. Now, I am among the shortlisted candidates for assessment test. I am positive that it's a success because the Word says God makes everything beautiful in His own time. I have seen the hand of the Wonder working God. Also, engaging in Operation 615 is indeed rewarding. I want to praise and magnify the name of the Lord! -- Olatunde. B

Mega Job Via Kingdom Advancement Prayers

“In the month of June, my department was outsourced in my current company and that came to me as a shock as I did not expect to suddenly become a contract staff after just a short time with the company. I was confused as I did not know what to do. Then came Operation Prayer for Life and God told me that this was the platform He would use to turn my life around. By the leading of the Holy Spirit, a group of friends and I started a prayer movement on Skype from 12-1am every day, engaging in Kingdom Advancement Prayers. I also engaged in a personal one-hour daily prayer and by God’s grace, I was engaging minimum three hours daily on the prayer altar for the Kingdom. Then, God, the rewarder, showed up! Meanwhile, I applied for a position in one of the top five of the 500 fortune companies in the world. Having failed on four different occasions in the past, I now went in the might of Matthew 6:33. I was flown out of the country to have an on-site interview which lasted for close to seven hours but God divinely enabled me to scale through. I went through all the stages of the interview and the final interview was the toughest. However, I got back to Nigeria and was still engaging on the altar of prayer. Suddenly, I got a call from the recruiter that I was successful at the interview and I had been made an offer in foreign currency which was 205% greater than my current salary. Furthermore, on that same day, I passed one of the professional examinations I sat for with flying colours. I return all the glory to God who honours Matthew 6:33 in my life. Praise the Lord!”  - Adele Coker

Marital Spell Destroyed

"I joined this commission 2012. At Shiloh 2011, I heard a testimony of how God destroyed marital spell in a family and how 11 members of the family got married that year. I was amazed and i keyed into it. In 2012, I attended the miracle marriage Service in 2013, the bishop said God told him to lay hands on everyone.

While at the viewing center i stretched my hands towards the screen, placed it on my forehead and believed my case was settled. To the glory of God shortly after that service, my sister met her husband in June 2013 and they got married in October 2013 at the age of 40. Also in February 2014, I was colourfully married. Praise the Lord!" - Babatunde Aderonke.

Generational Curse Broken

Blood Cancer, Diabetes, Hypertension & Hepatitis Humiliated

"In may 2012, the devil struck and I was almost gone, if not for my wife who was around. When we got to the hospital, the doctor said I had cancer of he blood, diabetes, hypertension and hepatitis B. I broke down; I could neither walk nor sleep. I remembered the Bishop said,"Diseases that kill others will not kill you." I keyed into that word. I also got Pastor Faith Oyedepo's book, Rescued from Destruction and started 'Divine Physiotherapeutic' treatment for all the diseases. From the book, I discovered that God had given me power to tread on serpents and scorpions and over all powers of the enemy and they should by no means hurt me. From that word, I started walking. Now I am whole! I can walk, I sleep well and I drove myself to church! I give praise to God!" - Evang. Abiodun, O.

Testimonies Galore!

"In 2010, before I joined this Commission, I used to smoke, drink alcohol and I had been eating in the dream. Apart from that,I had been suffering from heart palpitation and hypertension. When I joined this Ministry, I started listening ti God's word from the mouth of the Bishop, and putting them to work. Lo and behold, God surprised me! He delivered me from smoking and drinking! Not only that, He healed me od hypertension and heart palpitation! Also, I was delivered from eating in the dream! I thank God for delivering me. I return all the glory to Him!" - Ayo. A


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